What to Wear for Airsoft

What to Wear for Airsoft

If you’re thinking about playing airsoft, you may be wondering what kind of clothing you should wear for the activity.

If you take a look at what other people are wearing online or at your local airsoft field, you may be shocked to realise how diverse the clothing is.

In this post, we’ll go over some of the most common outfits for what to wear during airsoft, as well as some of the disadvantages of each.

Getting started

In most cases, pants, a shirt, and trainers are all that is required to start playing airsoft.

For most new airsoft players, it is pretty common to dress in camo, which includes pants, a combat shirt or BDU top, boots, and a cap or helmet in their chosen pattern or camouflage.

Because clothing largely depends on personal choice, there are almost no restrictions on what may be worn.

Some considerations may influence your decision, such as whether you will be playing inside or outdoors, if you will be matching your team, how well you wish to fit in with your surroundings, and your budget.

Now, let’s take a closer look at each of these criteria to see which one best suits you!

Dress for the environment

One of the most important considerations when deciding what to dress for airsoft is the environment you will be playing.

However, other considerations may influence this, such as finances and the desire to match your squad or team.

Playing airsoft indoors

For casual players, a pair of jeans, a tee-shirt, trainers, and a cap or beanie are more than enough to enjoy yourself.

This outfit lets you play comfortably without having to worry about blending in without worrying about ‘blending in’.

Because you will be in close quarters, picking clothing that will help you blend in is not nearly as critical as it could be.

Choosing to dress in casual attire is also a cost-effective option since you don’t have to purchase anything (other than eye protection, face protection and, general protection).

As an alternative, black attire is highly typical for folks who dress up more for indoor activities.

Whether you’re playing Speedsoft or normal indoor airsoft, many players like to dress in all black.

Fortunately, military gear in black may be purchased for a reasonable price.

Brands such as Rothco and Propper provide reasonably priced alternatives when it comes to clothing. Prices for plain hues like grey, black, and tan are often cheaper than for patterns.

Rothco Pants cost roughly £30 if purchased new; check Amazon for the most up-to-date pricing information.

BDU shirts cost between £30-£45, while combat shirts are significantly more expensive, costing around £55-£80.

For indoor use, hats or beanies are a popular option since they are lightweight and provide some protection in the event of getting shot with a BB at close-range.

If you want to get a more tactical appearance to go with your black gear, you may want to consider wearing a helmet.

Playing airsoft outside

More elements may be seen outside, which might influence your decision on what type of clothes to purchase.

When you’re playing outside, the desire to blend in with your surroundings becomes even more apparent.

The sort of camouflage you choose will be determined by where you’re playing (woodland, urban, or a mix of both).

If you need assistance determining the camouflage that will be most effective in your location, you may consult maps that depict the most effective camouflage for your nation. The cost of camouflage will vary depending on the manufacturer and style chosen.

Patterns that have been in production for a long period of time will be less expensive.

Newer patterns, such as Multicam, will, on the other hand, always be more expensive.

Additionally, purchasing from brands such as Rothco, Tru-Spec, or Propper will result in cost savings when compared to higher-end brands such as Crye. (Cyre Combat Pants, Cyre Combat Shirt, Cyre Combat Jacket)

If you choose more distinctive camouflage patterns, such as AUSCAM or M38, the cost might quickly escalate.

Each of these brands and camos has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, so make your decision depending on your own preferences and the resources available to you.

Some events, notably MilSim events, have strict criteria about what camos may be worn.

Green camouflage and brown camouflage are often required for MilSim competitions. In this case, the price will be decided by the brand and design that you choose.

For example, a pair of Multicam leggings and a battle shirt from Propper will set you back roughly £140 dollars.

Their forest trousers and BDU shirt, on the other hand, would set you back around £60.

The best ways to save money on clothing

Because your budget has a huge influence on the items you buy, shopping for secondhand equipment at military surplus outlets may help you save money.

Additionally, purchasing from Chinese companies via online marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon is a possibility.

When shopping for additional equipment such as holsters, hydration pouches, magazine pouches, or utility belts, surplus shops are a fantastic place to start.

Think about your comfort

Despite the fact that we have mentioned how cost varies depending on the uniform, it would make sense to consider how comfortable you’re going to be when you play airsoft.

You may select coats that are designed to be worn over your top.

If you are layering up, please be aware that you may have a more difficult time determining when you have been hit!

On the other hand, there are individuals who like to play outside in the heat. During the summer, and particularly in desert towns, comfort becomes a need rather than a luxury.

Even while this varies from person to person, wearing heavy BDU trousers and a shirt may quickly become unbearably hot and unpleasant.

Choosing breathable fabrics that aid with the heat, such as cotton or jersey, will result in a lot more fun experience overall. Some choose to dress in breathable and sun-resistant textiles, while others choose to dress in less material and use sunscreen.

Take care to keep hydrated and ensure that all of your skin is adequately covered, whatever option you pick.


When it comes to the gear you wear during airsoft, the possibilities are unlimited. In most cases, you have unlimited flexibility to dress whatever you choose, unless you are participating in a MilSim event that requires certain uniforms.

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