Why NBA is Today More Popular Than Ever

Why NBA is Today More Popular Than Ever

If you have always been a sports fan, you will know that the NBA was the most sought-after league in the world back in the early 90s. All sports stars started to venture when the popularity of this sport reached skyrocketing levels. Thanks to the iconic movie Space Jam. Basketball became a rage across the globe. Although the talent has always stayed, the interest in the game is at an all-time high. This is what has compelled the NBA to become one of the most-watched sports across the globe. Here, we will explain a few reasons why the NBA is more popular than ever.

A Common Rivalry

One thing that has installed back the interest of the viewers is the famous rivalry between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden state warriors.  For your information, the Golden State Warriors have been championing the finals for the last 4 years with the Cavaliers beating the other warriors. So when it comes to talking about the close rivalry, it depicts the drama at every turn. This is why the results of both teams are compared in the public’s eye to garner more attention.

Social Media

Have you checked out the fan following of the NBA on Twitter? You will be astonished to know that it has more fans than the NFL. Today, players all across the globe are being encouraged to use social media because it can easily help boost their public image. Furthermore, when a sporting event needs to be promoted, social media profiles of the players can be used for garnering massive audience attention. Therefore, the increased engagement between the stars and the fans has added to the popularity of the NBA.

More Money

The NBA franchises are much wealthier than they’ve ever been all these years. Eventually, this has impacted the quality in a positive way and a typical NBA franchise is available for $1.65 billion, which is a staggering amount. Even if you search for where to buy sports sunglasses in Australia, you will eventually find a link to NBA sports. No wonder, the league is successfully producing billions of dollars’ worth of money in revenue every year, which is improving the sports facilities as well. Therefore, now that several companies are willing to sponsor the NBA, the annual revenue is all set to boom in the coming months.

Mega Stars

Once again, when sports is concerned, fans will go gaga over the celebrities from this industry. Hadn’t it been for Lebron James and Stephen Curry, the league wouldn’t have made this far. The fact that these two amazing people weighed in for the Cavaliers and the Warriors, has only helped in getting the league more popular. Furthermore, as basketball is already an exciting game, it is enough reason for all kinds of people to enjoy it through rivalry or any other factor. No wonder, the stardom of celebrities has added fuel to the fire in the last few years for the global popularity of the NBA. 

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