Beginner Guide to Winter Camping

Beginner Guide to Winter Camping

Winter camping is an exciting adventurous experience. If you never had such an experience then you’re really missing out. The great thing about camping in winter is that there are relatively fewer bugs as well as crowds and you also get to experience the beautiful winter wonderland.

However, you need to know that winter camping also comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s have a look at both of these.

Advantages of Winter Camping

  • Fewer crowds

With winter camping you get to avoid huge crowds which are mostly found in summer camps. Because most people prefer staying indoors during winter, you have the advantage of having no crowds when you go camping.

  • Saves on costs

Winter camping doesn’t have expensive costs as compared to summer camps. Accommodation is quite cheap and less crowded.

  • You get campfire

Campfire is one of the best things when it comes to camping. Therefore, with winter camping you have the advantage of that great campfire to enjoy.

  • Fewer insects

Just like any other animals; insects are likely not able to survive the harsh winter weather conditions. Therefore, your camping will not have insects to bother you.

Disadvantages of Winter Camping

  • Rains

Since it’s the winter season, you can expect much rain which might not provide a really great experience for your camping.

  • Too cold

The winter weather is too cold and if you are someone who loves summer, it might be too hard for you.

  • Involves a lot of baggage

To go for winter camping you need a lot of gears to ensure you are well sorted and safe. This gives you more baggage that might be hard to carry around.

What You Need to Prepare for Winter Camping

Just like everything else in life, winter camping requires the right preparation to ensure you are safe. There are certain gears and tools needed for this type of camping. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Winter Tent

A shelter is quite essential in order to be able to handle the winter weather. You need a good tent that has all the right features to help you in during your camping. There are a few options; a 3-season backpacking tent for camping in stormy weather areas, a 4-season all weather tent to withstand powerful gusts and winds.

  • Backpack

This is the second most important thing you need for your winter camping adventure. For the camping you need extra gear and warm clothes, therefore you need to have the right backpack to carry these things. There are two types of backpacks, that is the deluxe and the lightweight backpack.

  • Sleeping bag

Sleeping bags are also very important. They provide comfort on cold nights. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you use a sleeping bag that has a minimum of 10 degrees Fahrenheit that the coldest temperature you are expecting to encounter in your camping trip.

  • Backpacking stove

Astove is also very important for winter camping. There are a variety of stoves you can carry; the Canister stove which is lightweight and boils faster, the Liquid-fuel stove which runs on white gas and performs great cold temperatures, or the wood burning stove which is compact and easy to set up. Also, when carrying your stove, ensure that you have back-up such as extra fuel.

  • Snowboard, skis, or snowshoes

Any of these three things are very important. Snowshoes come in really handy if you’re not a snowboarder. Skis are helpful in steep slopes or climbing hills.

Top 5 Winter Camping Destinations in the US

Looking for some of the best places to go for winter camping in the US? Let’s have a closer look at some of these great destinations and why they are the best for winter camping.

1. Yosemite National Park in California

California provides a great destination for winter camping due to the Yosemite national park. The park, however, requires you to plan for trails which are closed in winter. The place can be easily accessed by a car; you can ski as well as get to see the beautiful scenery of the winter land.

2. Mount Hood National Forest in Oregon

Mount Hood in Oregon is another good place to go camping. It is situated 25 miles East of Portland and the forest is dense. It also extends the south of the Colombia River Gorge. The mountain is quite tall, there are great camping grounds in the place, as well as a beautiful environment which you can get to enjoy.

3. Death Valley in California

If you are looking for a winter camping destination that has a large national park wilderness, then the Death Valley in California is that place. The place is ideal for winter camping with good grounds and the nights are always cold.

4. The Padre Island National Seashore in Texas

This island is an animal lover’s paradise where you can also get to experience the best winter camping. It is an undeveloped barrier island in the whole world and is quite long. However, there are no reservations allowed and camping is based on first come first serve.

5. The Rock Island State Park in Tennessee

The Rock Island State Park in Tennessee is an all-year-round camping destination where you can for winter camping. There are gorges that link you to amazing hiking trails as well as opportunities to fish, swim, and even skip rocks.

Best 5 Essential Tips to Stay Safe for Winter Camping

Winter camping as well as it may need to be approached with great care and caution. Here are 5 essential tips to make sure you stay safe during your winter camping adventure

1. Select the right camping site

You need to make sure you select the right campsite that will be favorable for you. You can choose sites where at least the sun rises in the morning to keep you warm.

2. Have the right attire

Your body always needs to stay warm, therefore ensure that you carry the right warm clothes to keep you safe. You can also bring extra clothes.

3. Have the right sleeping equipment

Your sleeping equipment needs to be up to par. Ensure you carry the right equipment.

4. Ensure to always check the weather forecast

Before going for your winter camping, ensure that you check the forecast so as to avoid any risks. This can help you cancel the plans in case the weather will change for the worst.

5. Consider trailer or tent options

Atrailer or tent can be good options to consider for your planned camping trip. This is mainly because tents can be used to carry all your needs for the winter camping.

Bottom Line

Winter camping provides a great and unique way to experience camping in another way, other than the normal summer camping. However, it also requires you to be extra careful with where you choose to go as well as ensure you have everything you need for the camp. So, in going for your winter camp ensure you have all the requirements needed for the experience.

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