Working out from home – The Lockdown Guide

Working out from home – The Lockdown Guide

With lockdown throwing a bit of a spanner in the works with regard to the normal workout routine, a lot of us around the world have been having to think creatively, and make do with the things we have at home and around us to stay in shape, both physically and mentally. 

Many nations are beginning to resume normalcy in some respects, with shops, restaurants and bars opening for service, but it still might be handy to keep in mind a few different home workout tips and tricks for the future. Inspired to get active in your home, both now and moving forward? We’ve compiled a short guide of tips and tricks for working out from home. Read on to find out more!

The Home Gym

The first step that you should take when preparing your own workout space is to look at the equipment that you have available to you at home – from treadmills to dumbbells – and plan out a solid routine around them.  If you don’t have any equipment available, and are used to going out to the gym, then don’t worry, you can always order things online to be delivered that you think you might need, or even improvise! There are a ton of online classes going at the moment from personalities and personal trainers offering their support during these uncertain times, and it can be quite motivating staying healthy as part of a community.

Tip – Working from home due to the ongoing pandemic? In the same way that you should have a personal gym space carved out at home if you have the space, you should also have a work area/office setup where you can go to concentrate. Separating work from play is important when you’re at home, as there are many different distractions!

Using your home space

Again, if you don’t have any home equipment, or the space to set it up and get active to work out from home, take a look at the space around you, and get creative. If you have a garden then try and get out in the sun where possible to stay active, and if you live in an apartment building, take the stairs where possible and make the most of the facilities that you might be lucky enough to have on site!

Many different apartment buildings and flat complexes have on-site gyms, swimming pools and even spas nowadays, with young professionals and students living in cityscapes wanting the most out of their home space when living in an urban environment. For an example of what these sorts of apartments look like, and the sort of thing you could be looking for if wanting some great amenities in your next apartment, take a look at the modern, minimalist apartments offered by RWinvest throughout Liverpool and Manchester!

Using Virtual Reality

Sometimes there’s nothing better than tuning out and going for a run or walk in the fresh air of a morning/evening, but technology can also be your friend when exercising. For example, if you have a virtual reality headset for playing games with, did you know that you can use it to get a decent workout while having fun? Games like Beat Saber, for example, a rhythm game where you swing Lightsaber-esque batons along in time with the music, can get you up on your feet and burning some calories without even realising. For those that find it difficult to get motivated to do exercise, this can be a great solution, and with lockdown keeping us stuck within the same four walls for longer than we’re used to, it can be a great method of escapism.

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