5 Ways Your Child Could Benefit from a Team Sport

5 Ways Your Child Could Benefit from a Team Sport

It has never been more difficult to get children to play outside. 

Not too long ago, there used to be kids out playing all sorts of games in the streets. Footballs would be landing in gardens after a too-high kick, screams of enjoyment would be heard as they raced around in a game of tag. This isn’t how children play today. 

Most children now have a mobile or gaming system of some description, and these devices are what keep them locked away in their rooms.

So how can you get your child to play outside? A team sport might be the answer you’re looking for, and this type of activity does so much more than help them get some fresh air.

Team sports benefit children in so many ways. Not only do they improve the health of children, but they also give young minds an outlet. It also shouldn’t be too difficult to encourage your child to join a team sport. If they enjoy watching football games on TV, then why not enrol them in a local kids’ football team? 

And if there isn’t one local to you, then try to start your own! This can have the added activity of creating a unique football kit, and knowing they have helped design it will only inspire the kids to work harder as a team. Plus, custom football kits can look on-brand.

The five main benefits of kids playing team sports might just help sway your youngsters to join one.

1. They improve focus

When children are playing a sport, they have a clear focus. They can put all their energy into that one thing, and that’s not something that can be said for children sitting indoors playing on their phones. 

By improving their ability to focus, children may experience improvements in other areas of their life where concentration has previously been lacking. Your child could progress quicker in class than they have before.

2. They improve co-ordination

Children that play team sports learn to work together. This is an important life skill, and one that is often lost on children that spend most of their time indoors.

By playing team sports, children learn how to communicate with each other. They learn how to make decisions together, and how to react to certain situations. This could be a life-saving skill, as we’ve all heard the stories of people who have survived an accident because they had the ability to work together.

3. They improve endurance

Endurance is another important life skill. Children that play team sports learn how to push themselves further than they ever would have thought possible. This is an important skill that can be transferred to other areas of their life.

4. They improve happiness

One of the most important reasons that parents should encourage their children to play a team sport is that it improves their happiness.

Studies have shown that children that play team sports are happier. They also have more friends, and they experience less anxiety.

When children are happier, they are better able to concentrate in class. Team sports are a great way to improve your child’s school life.

5. They improve their physical health

Team sports have been proven to improve a child’s health. They give children the exercise that they need to stay healthy, and they give them the ability to make decisions about their own health.

Some team sports, like football, will teach children about healthy eating. They learn that protein is the most important thing to consume before a match, and they learn to avoid the fast food that might be tempting.

Physical health is just as important as mental health, and team sports can improve both.

So next time your child asks you to buy them a new game, why not try finding them a team sport to play instead. You’ll be improving their mental health, their ability to concentrate, their physical health and their happiness. You can help them to achieve so many things just by encouraging them to play outside.

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