Low Impact Paintball: 5 Reasons to Try This Variation of Paintball

Low Impact Paintball: 5 Reasons to Try This Variation of Paintball

Here’s a fact about Low Impact Paintball:

It’s not just for kids or beginners.

Seasoned players are also turning to this version of the game.


It offers all the adrenaline rush without the painful sting.

“If I play Low Impact Paintball, will it still be as thrilling?” you might ask.

If only it were that simple…

If you’re serious about experiencing an exhilarating game with less pain, you need to understand how low impact paintballs work and why they make a difference in your gameplay.

In other words, don’t approach Low Impact Paintball like shooting fish in a barrel; thinking it’s easy because there is less pain involved.

The truth is – using this form of paintball gear demands strategy and skill just like any other form of the game.

Experience the Thrill: What is Low Impact Paintball?

For those intrigued by the thrill of paintball but not wanting to experience its full intensity, low impact paintball is an ideal alternative – a way to have fun without compromising on the fear of pain.

Low impact paintballs are more than just a smaller version of their standard counterparts.

They come with unique attributes that make them less intimidating for beginners or those who prefer less physical strain during gameplay.

Their reduced size isn’t the only distinguishing feature – these paintballs have specially designed shells that break easily upon contact

The markers that fire them also shoot at a lower velocity – about 150-200 feet per second (fps), which is slower compared to standard paintball velocity (about 280 fps).

The result?

A game where impacts are softer, yet still thrilling.

You might also wonder if this means sacrificing firing rates in favor of gentler play – not the case at all.

These little powerhouses can keep up with high firing rates even when used with a low-impact or marker.

Now let’s delve into its many benefits in our upcoming section…

The 5 Benefits of Low Impact Paintball

Are you ready to experience the thrill of paintball with a lower impact?

Let’s explore the advantages of low impact paintball and how it provides a safe and exciting outdoor activity.

1. A Perfect Choice for Beginners

If you’re new to the adrenaline-pumping sport of paintball, low impact games are a perfect starting point. 

These games provide a less intense environment where beginners who might be curious about the sport, bachelor parties looking for a thrill, or anyone in-between can learn the ropes and build their skills without sacrificing fun or excitement.

2. More Fun. Less Sting.

You might be wondering if “low-impact” means less enjoyment.

Not at all.

In fact, many experienced players also choose low impact paintball for its unique blend of strategy and exhilaration to take a break from the painful sting often associated with traditional .68 caliber paintballs.

3. Play Safely with Essential Gear

One major advantage of low impact paintball is the typical inclusion of essential safety gear at the field.

When you choose a low impact package at the park, you’ll receive a low impact marker, protective masks/goggles, and padded vests.

This ensures your comfort and boosts your confidence as you navigate through thrilling gameplay scenarios, instead of being worried about how much it will hurt.

4. Play Indoors OR Outdoors

Next, we’ll delve into the distinctions between indoor and outdoor venues for low impact paintball.

Comparing Indoor to Outdoor Low Impact Paintball

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, low impact paintball can provide the perfect thrill.

However, the decision between indoor and outdoor gameplay is crucial to ensure your overall enjoyment.

Indoor Action: Safe and Structured

Indoor fields can provide a controlled environment where rules take precedence.

The “Do Not Cross The Middle Line” rule isn’t just for show; it’s there to ensure safe distances from other players while maintaining a fair playing field.

The games will be quicker due to the smaller size of the boundaries and arena.

Nature’s Playground: An Outdoor Adventure

In contrast, outdoor play adds another dimension with its unpredictable natural elements.

One advantage of playing outdoors is that you get the feeling of a traditional battlefield with natural landscapes to navigate as part of your strategy, instead of being cooped up indoors where your boundaries are more limited.

The decision to play indoors or outdoors ultimately depends on the type of challenge you seek in your low impact paintball game.

Next, we’ll explore how low impact paintball is perfect for events like birthday parties, thanks to their inclusive nature and emphasis on safety.

5. It’s Great for Kids’ Group Events

Planning a birthday party or event that’s both exciting and inclusive?

A game of low impact paintball might be just the ticket.

Low impact is designed for safety, making them perfect for kids, tweens, and teens to play.

Affordable Packages

Many paintball parks offer attractive packages that can start at as little as $300.

This typically allows up to 10 players to engage in several hours of thrilling gameplay, adding a burst of adrenaline to your event at a reasonable price.

An event like this is great for team building and making friends as the youngsters bond over strategy, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Purchasing Low Impact Paintball Equipment

Some players may want to take their game a step further and buy their own low impact gear.

In this case, the first step in your low impact paintball journey is acquiring the right equipment.

Let’s take this process to the next level…

Finding the Perfect Paintball Gun:

Your game performance relies heavily on your equipment, especially your paintball gun. 

Your best bet is to use our buyer’s guide as a starting point for buying your marker.

Then you can shop around for low impact paintball guns specifically until you find the one that is right for you.

Safety First: Paintball Masks 

Paintball masks are the unsung heroes of paintball, shielding your eyes, mouth, nose, and ears from those rogue paintballs as they whiz by.

Masks are required to play the game of paintball, so if you want to buy your own gear, this piece is a must-have.

Just like a trusty sidekick, they’ve got you covered.

Bonus: Add More Excitement with Smoke Grenades

Why not add some extra fun by using a smoke grenade during your game?

It creates an exhilarating atmosphere and adds another level of strategy as players maneuver through the smoky battlefield.

Navigating Buy/Sell/Trade Options:

If you already own gear and want to trade it in for low impact equipment, this may be the way to go.

Or, you can find great deals on used markers, masks, and other protective wear at a discounted price.

However, make sure to review their warranty, order status, and returns policy before finalizing any deal.


Low Impact Paintball has emerged as a thrilling yet safe activity, perfect for both beginners and seasoned players.

Its unique characteristics, such as smaller caliber paintballs and lower velocity firing speeds, contribute to a less painful experience while keeping the excitement intact.

The benefits of Low Impact Paintball are numerous.

It provides an easy entry point for novices and offers inclusive fun at events or parties.

Whether you choose indoor or outdoor settings, Low Impact Paintball delivers big fun with little impact sting.

Organizing events is hassle-free thanks to rental packages offered by many paintball parks these days.

These parks provide everything you need to enjoy a thrilling day of paintballing.

If you’re ready to, purchasing equipment for Low Impact Paintball is also straightforward with used equipment and trade-in options available to you.

Now that you’re armed with the right information about low impact paintball, head out to the field now and get your game on!

FAQs in Relation to Low Impact Paintball

What is low impact paintball?

Low impact paintball uses smaller, lighter paintballs fired at a slower speed to reduce the sting of hits.

It’s perfect for beginners or those seeking less painful gameplay.

Does low impact paintball hurt?

No, due to the lower velocity and smaller size of the balls used in this version of the game, it significantly reduces pain compared to traditional paintball.

What is a safer version of paintball?

The safest form would be Low Impact Paintball.

The paintballs are designed with reduced speeds and softer shells, making them ideal for younger players or those prioritizing safety.

How fast is low impact paintball?

The average speed for low-impact games ranges from 150-200 feet per second, which is slower than standard .68 caliber versions that fire at around 280 feet per second.

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