5 Things A New Cyclist Should Own

5 Things A New Cyclist Should Own

Cycling is full of adventure and fun. Moreover, it is a well-known exercise to lose weight and very beneficial to overall physical health. That’s why the number of new cyclists is increasing every year rapidly. Basically, a cycle is enough to take yourself in a ride on the road. But, there are some essential gears that can make your cycle riding even more interesting, safe, comfortable and worthy. In this content, we will discuss 5 things a new cyclist should own and hope you like our checklist.

Must Read – 5 Things A New Cyclist Should Own

Actually, it is very difficult to pick just 5 gears from a huge cycling gear list. That’s why to pick those gears in terms of safety, necessity, usability etc and try to cover all the areas.


Safe first- it is our motto and that’s why we pick helmet in our list. Actually, a helmet is a must have gear for any cyclist – new or old doesn’t matter. Every year a lot of cyclists died because of head injuries and a quality helmet can save you from these types of accidents. 

Besides, in most of the advanced countries, there is a law that you can’t ride a cycle without wearing a helmet. So, it is our advice to buy a helmet at the time of buying your cycle – you may get some discounts also from the shop.

Bike GPS:

As a new cyclist, you will love to explore the world with your cycle. A GPS can make your exploring even better. And if you are a mountain lover, then the best mountain bike gps is a must have item to make this trip more easygoing and exciting. 

Actually, we would suggest using GPS enabled monitor in front of your bike to view the full map of the mountain and get directions as well. Moreover, this will track the distance you traveled and you will find the right path if you lost in an unknown path.

Hand Gloves:

We all know about these gear but most of us try to avoid buying it. But whoever uses this gear knows the benefits of it and never forgets to use it. As a new biker you should not avoid it. 

  • It gives your hand full control when driving.
  • It helps to get rid of blisters in the hands.
  • It controls the sweating problem
  • Most often save from accident

Moreover,  it doesn’t cost so much like the other items. But we tend to buy low-quality gloves which is not right. As low-quality gloves have no control over sweat and can damage over time. So, try to take quality gloves for long time uses.

Safety Guards:

Besides helmet, safety guard is a must if you are a new biker. Actually, we should give our maximum focus on our safety than anything else. There are many types of items in safety guards but the most common ones are

  • Knee Guard: Knee Guard helps to protect our knees from injuries.
  • Knee Pads: Knee Pads works same as knee guard.
  • Elbow Pads: It protects our elbow from injuries.
  • Knee Hand Elbow: You can safe your knee hand elbow with this.

From the list, the most needed items are knee pads and elbow pads. If you can please take those items.

Water Bottle and Bottle Cage:

Water is a must carried item to make yourself hydrated during the ride. And to carry that you will need a water bottle and bottle cage. Sometimes, you will get a bottle cage attached to your bike and may get a bottle from the shop owner. 

But if you do not get it from the package, you must buy one. In the market, you will get a lot of collection of a water bottle and it’s the case with the different colorful collections. The water cage material has to be aluminum or steel not plastic. You should pick those bases of the color combination of your bike – that’s it.

Final Words:

As a cyclist, you can start your riding with those 5 things. We give our full effort to make this checklist complete and hope this will cover all the basics you need. Now it is your turn to try these gears and let us know the experience about it.

Sean Lockwood

Sean is a programmer with a passion for extreme sports. Favourite extreme sports discipline is biathlon. Started this blog because of the great love for nature and adrenaline which results in something extreme like Extreme Sports Lab (ESL).

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