The True Story of Why People Skydive

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The True Story of Why People Skydive

Those people are absolutely crazy right? Why would you want to jump out of a plane with nothing but hard earth underneath you?

This line of thought is really common when people think of skydiving. They see people jumping out of a plane with a parachute, landing in a paddock or on the beach but think nothing of the why behind the jump.

Why do people love skydiving? What is it that skydiving gives them? Let’s explore the reasons people skydive and why you should to.

The Fear Factor

You might be surprised to hear that there are many people who skydive simply for the fear factor. Some people get an absolute thrill from being scared, and usually this comes from the other benefits that skydiving brings, including the state of mind you experience when you are solely focussed on one thing.

If you are feeling butterflies in your stomach before you skydive, this is the time to embrace them.

The Perspective

The sense of perspective comes from two angles; the first is being so high up in the air and realising how small you are compared to the world. The second comes from a sense of accomplishment, in completing something you never thought you would be able to do. It is this perspective that will stay with you for some time, giving you the confidence and the focus to get other tasks completed.

The People

Have you ever done an activity or been involved in an event where the group of people involved make the activity or event? Skydivers tend to be rather fun and well-rounded people who not only care about those who they take on a jump but are also great to have a chat with! They are optimistic and positive, and you can’t help but feel their enthusiasm for skydiving. After spending time with skydivers, you’ll certainly have some new friends for life.

The Adrenaline Rush

There really is nothing better than an adrenaline rush – the blood pumping through your body, heart beating faster, time slowing down. Skydiving is sort of like that. Adrenaline is of course your body’s natural response to a perceived danger – the flight or fight response. Let us tell you, it is really easy to get addicted to that adrenaline rush, whether it’s your first skydive or your 100th skydive.

The feeling will stay with you for days afterwards, so if you’ve been putting off doing some tasks, after you’ve skydived is the best time to complete them.

The Confidence Boost

Confidence – most of us could do with a boost from time to time. If you are feeling like you need a confidence boost, or it’s time to try something new, skydiving is a great choice. It is a sport that not everyone can do, and it’s certainly something you don’t do on a day to day basis (unless you’re a skydiving instructor of course).

Once you’ve done your skydive, you will likely feel a boost of confidence and empowerment which allows you to feel as though there is nothing you can’t achieve.

The Stress Relief

Stress seems to be part of everyday life now and when you are rushing between work and getting the kids off to school and dinner and everything else in between, stress builds up quickly. When we are constantly on the go, we don’t often find time to forget our worries, be focused on the moment, and have some time where we aren’t in stress mode.

Skydiving is great for stress relief as it forces to you focus on what you are doing up in the air, and therefore forcing you to forget all your worries back on solid ground. When you do land, you are likely to see things differently and take some time to be present and mindful instead of constantly stressed.

If you’d like to find out for yourself why people love skydiving, skydive one of Australia’s best locations with Skydive Geronimo. Find yourself soaring above Rottnest Island, taking in the views of one of the most unique destinations in Australia, while you soak in all the health benefits skydiving has to offer.

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