Understanding different types of longboards

Understanding different types of longboards

Longboard is a type of sports equipment that is similar to skateboard to a certain extent. It is longer and faster than a skateboard and has a number of shapes and sizes. It is regularly used for traveling, cruising and downhill racing. Therefore, when it comes to buying this kind of equipment, you should search for different longboard reviews in order to pick up the right one for you. This article will give you some helpful information about choosing a suitable longboard


Cruisers are often used for cruising in the park or on the street. They are classic with a kicktail designed in the back. Thus, they can easily get up and down the curbs. People who love making fun of their commutes are likely to buy cruisers because they can help them do flip tricks without any difficulties. In case people go in long rides, they can choose bigger decks. There are some typical cruisers such as Landyachtz Dinghy, Madrid Squirt, Earthwing Miniglider and Holesom Biscuit. 

Cruisers are appropriate with carving down sloped streets, ripping through the quad or being in long-distance/ Ph: landyachtz.com


The suitable modalities for popsicle are street, park, pool, freeride and tech slide. Popsicle is widely used by a lot of skaters around the world. The classic deck’s length is 32” while the width is between 8” and 9”. The kick tails on the two ends make it more symmetrical and easy to skate for beginners. For professional skaters, they often do flip tricks and skate pool with this popsicle. 

There has been a wide range of popsicle boards until now but they are not so different from the traditional ones. The board companies only make some small adjustments in order to meet personal demands better. Some of the famous popsicle boards can be listed as Landyachtz Loco series with Street Hawgs wheels, Polar Bear TKP trucks and Bear Spaceball bearings or Kawika Omoto pro models which are able to rip both hills and streets. 

Longboard firms often make slight changes of the traditional popsicle boards in order to make them more unique to attract more attention of people/ Ph: longboardism.com

Pintail Style Longboards

Another classic longboard is the Pintail Style. It is so basic that almost all people will think of whenever it comes to their buying a new longboard. The pintails are simple while the concave is relaxed and very flexible. People usually use pintail style longboards for cruising. 

A lot of skaters use this pintail style longboard for cruising rather than any other kinds of longboards/ Ph:dblongboards.com

It is much easier for beginners to learn how to skate on a pintail. They will definitely love their experience with it while having so much fun practicing skating. 

Riders often use pintails for cruises for commuting or around their city because they are really good looking boards to go along. However, riders ought not to do any activities with freeride boards in their neighborhood. There are some great options for people to choose like Riviera Soul Patrol, Landyatchz Bamboo Totem, Longboard Larry Uhu Cruiser and Drang Desert Cruiser.

Commuter Style Longboard

It is one of the most unique longboards with a new shape and type. At the end of the deck are the amazing trucks that can enable people to be more stable. There is a long wheelbase, an extra wheel clearance along with commuter style decks that are available for skaters to wheel bite. With this kind of longboard, people can find it super comfy to play some tricks to show off with their friends. Some great examples of these longboards are the DB Urban Native, Bustin Mission and Rivera Kung Fu Kitty. 

This is one of the best longboards for commuting that every skater should have at least one when they first try to skate/ Ph: longboardingguide.com

Big Double Kick Style Longboard

This kind of longboard is chosen by a lot of people all over the globe because of its convenience. It has large double kick boards along with concave so that people can freely skate in freestyle or freeride if they want. 

It is truly a reliable and convenient longboard for everyone to skate/ Ph: store.originalskateboards.com

Big double kicks are becoming more and more popular for people who want to skate freestyle. Its convenience and reliability make it be at the top choice for people to choose. Skaters are really into its top-mount board and tail, which can help people to use much easier. The best big double kick style longboards include Loaded Tesseract, Landyachtz Tomahawk, Comet Manifest and Clutch Big Bacon.

Single Kick Freeride Style Longboard

If you are wondering which type of longboards that can help you skate on the street or with freeride, you should seek for Single Kick Freeride Style Longboards. Their cruisers are a little bit bigger and wider. The concave is designed towards freeriding. It is very common to use the flares and while riding on this longboard. Besides, this kind of longboard can give people a directional shape so people can know what to do on a board. you may be excited about the Bombsquad Shortbus, Omen Sugar, Nelson Batray SK and Comet Ethos that are available on the market nowadays. 

The concave of this single kick free side style longboard is very aggressive so people can be locked in while doing all kinds of slides on the street/ Ph: longboardingguide.com

Topmount Speedboard

Topmount Speedboard is often used on the downhill. It has a directional shape and a big standing platform that allows people to ride in tough areas. If you ask any experienced skaters for your downhill trip, they will definitely recommend these top mount speed boards. They are all the rages for downhills and they represent for the KISS principle: keep it simple, stupid. Among a large number of top mount speed boards on the market, the most well-known ones are Sector 9 Downhill Division Javelin, Clutch Killbilly Speedball, Madrid 50cal and Omen Patriot.

This type of longboards is really a good option for you to ride on downhills that can make you stay simplistic along the way/ Ph: longboardingguide.com

Drop-through Double Kick Style Longboard

This type of longboard is a little different from others on account of its high trucks along with some modifications of the long wheelbase. It helps lower the board, therefore, it is much easier for a short skateboard-like tail to be used. Nowadays, people regularly use it for cruising or freestyle because they find it really suitable and convenient. 

However, Drop-through Double Kick Style Longboard is more expensive than drop-through commuters. And because of that, it is designed more unique for skaters to pull some street kicks as well as freestyle. When you are at the shop, you should consider some kinds of drop-through double kicks such as the Moonshine County Line, Restless Splinter and DB Dyad V2.

The price of drop-through double kicks are a little more pricey than the drop-through commuters/ Ph: funboxskate.com

In brief, there are so many different types of longboards that are available on the market nowadays. The aforementioned longboards are of the most typical ones that people should know to consider when it comes to their buying those stuff. In case you want some cheap versions, you can look for cheap longboards that are also viral right now. 

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