Through Fire and Water: Top 10 Professions in the Extreme Sports Industry

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Through Fire and Water: Top 10 Professions in the Extreme Sports Industry

Extreme sports can rightfully be called the most gambling games. So, themed slot machines based on extreme sports, allowing you to fully enjoy the frenzied energy, are part of the safe gambling online program and bring incomparable pleasure. Of course, here it depends on the skill much more than luck, but in some cases, even just do not break your head can be very lucky. But the main prize, of course, is not the prize money of extreme sports competitions, or contracts with sponsors, or even a dose of adrenaline, for which real extreme athletes go to the most dizzying stunts. The real reward is self-respect, which grows stronger with each new climb.

Extreme sports are spectacular but dangerous. They catch the eye, but few dare to repeat the stunts of the athletes. Although some daredevils choose these risky activities as their job. We will tell you about the top 10 professions in extreme sports.

Tenth Place: Luge Street Sport

The “top ten” opens with a sport that originated in southern California among skateboarders. They once discovered that they could reach much higher speeds by laying on a board and riding down steep slopes.

Now luge street sport is becoming increasingly popular among young people in Europe. If you want to try this sport, you should be prepared for a lot of injuries and even fractures. Downhill sledding is quite risky. The speed can be up to 96 kilometers per hour.

Ninth Place: The Man-Bird

People fly in their dreams, but the Bird Man flies in reality. With the help of the crocodile suit, the athlete can soar and control movements while jumping off a cliff. This suit allows you to reach a speed of 225-240 km/h. Romsdal Valley is considered a popular place to jump. When the suit is filled with air, you can feel the delights of free flight.

Eighth Place: The Race With the Bulls

You can also get a dose of adrenaline in the bull run. Not everyone can run ahead of the furious animal that weighs a ton. Despite the warm weather in July crowds of people come to Pamplona, a small town in Spain, to take part in an extreme race with the bulls, which are then used in bullfighting.

Anyone at least 18 years old can take part and run a distance of 840 meters in a crowd of similar adrenaline lovers. Unfortunately, to date, the sport has killed more than 10 people.

Seventh place: Sleeklining

This sport requires strong, but not tight ropes. They allow you to move more easily and even perform dangerous tricks.

The record for the highest slackline is held by Christian Schu. He walked on a tensioned rope over a gorge that is 1 kilometer high, it is equal to the height of three Eiffel towers.

Sixth place: Speedriding

Paragliding and skiing – this is the mix that Speedriding is made of. This sport uses a special kind of parachute and skis to pick up speed while driving off the slope. Since it is a very extreme sport, some ski slopes are already prohibited from descending with such devices.

Fifth place: Basejumping

For those extremists who are no longer interested in the usual parachute jumps, but want a new experience, there is base jumping. It differs from the usual parachuting sport by the fact that base jumpers jump from static objects, as in paragliding. There are four types of objects for base jumping: buildings, antennas, bridge spans, and cliffs.

The danger of the sport lies in the fact that there is very little time to open the parachute, so athletes pull the ring at the beginning of the jump, otherwise, it could end very disastrously.

Fourth Place: Dune Riding in Jeeps

With a four-wheel-drive vehicle, you can traverse steep and high dunes that are almost impossible to get through on foot. It’s all about the thrill of the fall – the indescribable feeling of extreme desert jeep touring.

This type of extreme is most popular in the UAE, which is not surprising because the local conditions are the best.

If you decide on such a trip, do not forget to bring a camcorder: it will be something to show your friends, otherwise, they will not believe their word!

Third Place: The Human Catapult Airkick

Another dangerous sport – the “human catapult. The name itself explains quite clearly what the point is. A special throwing device tosses the extreme upwards on a pre-calculated trajectory. Air pressure and reverse water technology are used for this purpose. The athlete has to press a button to rise eight meters into the air and then fly at high speed into the pool. But even in water, you must land in a certain way, otherwise, you can get serious injuries.

Second place: Trainsurfing

This activity is considered illegal. But this article is not about the laws, but about the absolute extreme. The essence of the sport is that people ride on the roof or step of a moving train. There are now extensive campaigns against such “entertainment” in many countries. The main danger is that the “passengers” may fall off the train at full speed or hurt themselves while driving when entering a tunnel or touching an overhead contact line.

First place: Volcano Boarding

The leader among extreme sports is volcano boarding. The only place in the world where you can ride on the slope of an active volcano is Nicaragua, Department of Leon. This is where the active volcano Cerro Negro is located. Each brave person can rush down the slope of 725 meters high on a special board, which is made of wood. It reaches speeds of up to 80 km/h.

The volcano is still active, and its last eruption was just over 10 years ago. This is a really powerful adrenaline rush! It takes 45 minutes to get to the top of Cerro Negro. And you don’t want to climb it with the wind, because the slope of the mountain is really steep – 41 degrees.

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