ice sports hirstory

In most parts of the world, snow and ice are natural bounties of winter. While some feel the urge to enter hibernation mode, others see a plethora of thrilling possibilities. Over the centuries, the latter group has invented numerous ways to make the most of these conditions. However, one of the biggest hindrances in the development of winter sports was that exact dependence on the...

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fencing swords

Fencing is a sport that mesmerizes with a supremely elegant flow of movement and keeps viewers on the edges of the seats with sudden bursts of action. Some people are still confused, though, and struggle to understand what the deal is with two people trying to poke each other with those floppy swords. The truth is that there are different versions of fencing swords and...

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austin neill

Adrenaline is a natural hormone that we are chasing even without our knowledge, in which we are enjoying, but why?   Why are we enjoying an adrenaline rush? There is an explanation for that:   “Anything that is addictive will have a dopamine rush to it, so whether it is drugs, sex, driving fast, playing sports, bungee jumping, fear or being scared, there is a dopamine rush that is...

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